Selling your home, or an investment property, is a huge opportunity to gain a life-changing amount of money and at NGU Homesales & Lettings we do not take that opportunity lightly; there’s no easier way to make an extra £10,000+, tax-free!

An estate agent will traditionally value your property and sell it to the first person who offers something close to the asking price and then manage the sale smoothly to completion…

Sounds okay right?

It is, but we think our main job is to maximise the price we can get for you, why?

  • If you were selling anything else, would you sell it for less than it’s worth?
  • It’s the easiest way to get a life-changing amount of money, all tax-free.
  • It could be the difference between you getting your dream home or having to wait.
  • If you’re looking to retire, every extra £1,000 counts.

Whatever the reason, we take maximising your return incredibly seriously.

Our mission is to generate long-term wealth for our customers, and this is your biggest opportunity to do so. That’s why we prefer a modern way of selling:

Within 7 days of your property being listed, we will launch it by:

  • Advertising it on the major portals - Rightmove etc. to generate interest.
  • Sharing your property on our social media platforms.
  • Sending it to our 5,000-strong database of potential buyers.
  • Within a week of launch, we will organise a block viewing.

We believe that valuing your property competitively and launching it in this way allows us to maximise interest. By doing so it allows us to organise a block viewing which will mean:

  • You’ll only have to clean your house once.
  • You will sell your house more quickly.
  • It will create urgency amongst the interested buyers by having them view together.
  • By creating competition, it also means that those interested have to react much faster and increase the likelihood of multiple offers being received.
  • We can then use those multiple offers to extract the best price for you either through best and final offers or by negotiating upwards.

This is your ideal position to be in!

It's our job to get you the best price for your property to allow you to get your dream home, a bigger pension pot, or just some extra money in the bank.

Whatever the reason it’s our job to NEVER GIVE UP and help you achieve it.

We also sell investment properties through our 10,000-strong investor database who are looking to buy either empty or ideally tenanted properties. Our investors generally love tenanted properties so they can get rent from day 1 so if you’re struggling to sell or want to sell with a tenant in situ, to avoid the property becoming empty, let us know and we will be able to help.

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