We understand landlords because we are landlords.

Owning 150 properties ourselves and managing over 700, we have an in-depth knowledge of what it takes to be successful in this industry and a wealth of personal experience to draw upon.

Because of this, we do things a little bit differently… A letting agent will traditionally look after your property, take care of your legal responsibilities, and make sure the whole process is as hands-free as possible.

Sounds okay right?

It is, but it’s also our job to make you money.

We have been making our landlords money for over 15 years. We look after our investors' properties with the same staff, tradespeople, and processes that we use for our own so you can rest assured; you’re in safe hands.

Our company's mission is to generate long-term wealth by maximising your returns while also being fair to your tenants. We like to create win-win solutions for both landlords and tenants since this is the best way to create a sustainable long-term investment.

This runs through everything we do and is the starting point for any action we take on behalf of you and your investment.

Maximising your Return when your Property is Empty

The most difficult part about having an empty property is finding the right balance between generating enough interest and pricing the property correctly. Not only will we value your property to give you an idea of the correct rent, but we also make sure that we launch it to create maximum interest:

  • We’ll market your property on the major portals, Rightmove, etc., to generate interest. That's a given, and it's nothing to be impressed about.
  • We’ll share your property on our social media platforms.
  • Also, on DAY 1, we'll send an email to our 5,000-strong database of waiting tenants. Again, some agents may do this; we have an extensive database - this is a minimum for us.
  • This will launch your property but unlike any other agent, we'll wait 7 days to create a block viewing.

We believe that valuing your property competitively and launching it allows us to generate the maximum interest to organise a block viewing. This will:

  • Create urgency amongst the interested tenants when viewing together meaning you will let your property more quickly.
  • Create competition, meaning that interested parties will have to react quickly and increase the likelihood of multiple offers being received.
  • Result in cherry-picking the best applicants to find an ideal tenant; who’s more likely to pay their rent on time, stay long term and not cause damage.

This is your ideal position to be in!

Before we move a tenant in, our in-house vetting team will make sure that your tenants are put through extensive checks sometimes including a home visit to make sure we’re happy to move them in.

Maximising your Return when your Property is Tenanted

You will have a dedicated property manager who will take care of all your legal requirements, collect the rent and deal with any maintenance issues. We have access to over 30 tradespeople who we use regularly, all of which are vetted and marked to market to ensure their prices are competitive. As part of our service, we also provide a 24/7 maintenance line for your tenants, so you won’t be disturbed by late-night calls.

Furthermore, we offer six monthly or annual reviews on your property to make sure you know its condition regularly to prevent issues from getting out of hand.

On an annual basis, we’ll review your rent, making sure it’s marked to market. We find the best way to maintain long-term tenancies is to put the rent just below the market rate; tenants are therefore, understandably, less likely to go through the hassle of moving if they are going to pay more elsewhere. For you, this means you’ll avoid an empty property and make the best long-term return - WIN-WIN!

Rental Guarantee

If you want to make sure your property is rock-solid we offer a rental guarantee, so your rent is paid 100% of the time when it’s tenanted:

  • Rent is paid on the due date regardless of whether the tenant has paid.
  • Rent is paid until possession is achieved.
  • Legal and eviction expenses are covered in the event of court action.

Universal Credit Experts

Around a third of our tenants are on some form of benefits and so we have in-depth knowledge of Universal Credit. We understand what paperwork is required before a tenant moves in and how to get payments directly, this ensures we have minimal rental arrears.

If your tenant falls into difficulty, we understand what help is available and the best way to make sure they continue paying the rent.

Evicting a Problem Tenant

We have access to legal representatives who can help you evict your tenant either through applying for a Section 8 or Section 21 notice. They will review all your paperwork to ensure you meet all the legal requirements by examining your tenancy agreement, deposit certificate, EPC, gas checks, EICR, rent statements, and any other documents required to evict a tenant.

We are also happy to visit your tenant to discuss their situation as we often find a face-to-face meeting can result in a more desirable solution.

HMO Management

As well as managing traditional single-let properties, we also manage HMOs. Often letting agents don’t like to manage HMOs due to the extra work involved with multiple tenancies.

Expert knowledge and flexibility are required to find and vet tenants due to the fact they stay for a shorter term. Using shorter tenancies and smaller bonds is key since the tenants are more transient and only responsible for their room. We use specialist sites such as Spare Room to find tenants and our in-depth vetting process to make sure the right tenant is found.

Maximising your Return through Refurbishment

Unlike most letting agents, we have an in-house refurbishment team and have over 30 trusted tradespeople available.

By being an expert in both lettings and refurbishment we know precisely what level of work is required when renting properties depending on the location, expected rent, and more importantly your budget.

A lot of our decisions on decoration, new carpets, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. are based on getting the best value for your money. We always consider the uplift in your property value, the likelihood of increasing your rent, and the type of tenants you are likely to attract.

We offer a full scope of work – plumbing & heating, electricians, painting & decorating, roofing, plasterers, tiling, glazers, locksmiths, carpentry, cleaning, rubbish removal, gardening, general building work, landscaping, central heating service and repair as well as full-scale developments. Please see more on our refurbishment page.

Whether you own property to provide a healthy pension pot, a better life for your family, or just some extra cash in the bank, it's our job to maximise your wealth and protect your investment. If you choose us, we promise to share our NEVER GIVE UP mentality and help you achieve that and more.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our landlords have to say here.

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