NGU Homesales & Lettings officially began in 2007 but lived in the minds of two brothers long before that.

Chris & Nigel’s parents are from the North-East and having watched them move up the property ladder, they were inspired to do the same.. But bigger!

Chris started saving £250 per month towards a deposit for a buy to let (BTL) which he describes as feeling like a million pounds at the time and meant he had to live like a hermit for two years…but eventually, that £250 per month turned into a £6,000 deposit and the purchase of his first flat.

Working closely with Nigel, the two managed to scale that up to an incredible 150 properties in just 18 months and from there, they have built up their business to now manage over 700 properties and have a staff of 14 people based in the North East.

They learned that the easiest way to make money was through buying and selling property, something most of us do 2-3 times in our lifetime. Each time you move, you have the chance of making thousands of pounds more by achieving a higher sales price. Over a lifetime that will help you move up the property ladder, increase your pension pot or simply give you more money now to improve your quality of life.

The reason they started NGU Homesales & Lettings was because they firmly believe this isn’t being done correctly by estate agents. Most agents seem to think that making the transaction as smooth as possible or achieving close to the sales price is their main goal…

We firmly believe it is the job of your agent to make you as much money as possible, by generating the maximum interest and by negotiating hard on your behalf so you get the maximum price for your property.

Chris’ passion and never give up mentality paired with the strong financial / accounting background of Nigel has made the pair a formidable force in the property industry and being landlord’s themselves means they understand exactly what you want from your investment and more importantly, how to achieve it.

They say you should learn from those who have done it, and there is no denying that they know what they’re doing.

Not only can you be rest assured your property is in the hands of experts, but that it is also in the hands of people who care, are passionate and still very much excited by property; we have staff, tenants and landlords who have been with us for over 10 years and 74% of our clients come from personal recommendations - that’s because we love what we do and we make sure that you love your experience with us too.

We truly understand that property is there to provide a return and that our tenants are also our customers. We are passionate about generating our landlords long term wealth while being fair to our tenants and we will continue to work hard to achieve that for every property we manage…even if that means Chris is still in the office at 8pm after a 5am start!

We promise, if you choose us we will treat your property like our own and we look forward to welcoming you to our family, sharing the passion, commitment and knowledge we have built up over the last 15 years.

NGU Homesales & Lettings - The guys who NEVER GIVE UP!!