How to get better tenants or more rentโ€ฆ Whatโ€™s your number one goal in property? To see your house price increase in value? To...

How to get better tenants or more rentโ€ฆ

Whatโ€™s your number one goal in property?

  1. To see your house price increase in value?

  2. To provide a nice place to live?

  3. To receive your rental income each month?

  4. Etc.

My number one goal is to make money from property, not because I donโ€™t care about my tenants or that I donโ€™t want to provide a nice place to live but if I donโ€™t pay the mortgage none of this will happen.

Thatโ€™s also the ethos we bring to our letting agency, without landlords making money we wouldnโ€™t be in business for very long. Sadly most letting agents donโ€™t understand this and only see things from their own perspective.

At the moment weโ€™re in the biggest inflationary spiral Iโ€™ve seen in my lifetime. The cost of energy is astronomical and everything is increasing in price from food, to petrol, to even the clothes on your back!

Thatโ€™s why sometimes a budget solution is often required. A lick of paint and professional clean can often make the difference when selling or letting a property. A clean, fresh-smelling property with new decor can often hide an old kitchen or bathroom.

There are certain tricks you can do, like giving your doors a boutique feel, feature walls, replacing your kitchen cupboard doors, adding nice handles etc. etc. All of this doesnโ€™t cost a lot, doesnโ€™t take a lot of work and can either mean your property lets for more or in a quicker timeframe.

Chris, our refurb director, recently refurbed a property for a limited budget, doing a bit of painting and adding a lovely lampshade! This helped us to achieve a higher rent than we expected.

See below:

Remember itโ€™s our job to generate YOU long-term wealth from property!

For any sales, lettings or refurb help:

  • Contact us today by phone or email to move your property to us.
  • Weโ€™ll contact your letting agent to ensure a seamless tenant transfer, including the deposit, keys and all paperwork.
  • Weโ€™ll contact your tenant to resolve any rent, maintenance or refurbishment issues you have, arranging a property visit if required.
  • Weโ€™ll begin the process of maximising your income and wealth.