Do you like DIY? Back in the day when I first started in property I was: A terrible kitchen fitter โ€“ well putter upper...

Do you like DIY?

Back in the day when I first started in property I was:

  • A terrible kitchen fitter โ€“ well putter upper of flat pack kitchens
  • An awful painter โ€“ never get the cheap paint, 3 bottom coats rather than 2!
  • A cleaner โ€“ I donโ€™t think my Mrs has seen me use a vacuum cleaner more

I quite enjoyed doing all that, it was part of the adventure of starting out in property and trying to make some money.

You know what, donโ€™t tell anyone, but it was a complete waste of time! My time was better spent elsewhere, my skill set isnโ€™t really on the toolsโ€ฆ there are more opportunities to use my time elsewhere.

You know what though, you do need to know a little about developing properties since your property at one point will need a facelift or touch up.

Builders are builders, paperwork may not be their thing so when you get a quote it might be on the back of a fag packetโ€ฆplastering, painting, carpets, electrics, full refurb โ€“ ยฃ10k.

What does that mean though?

When it comes to viewing the property afterwards what was the scope of the work โ€“ whatโ€™s genuine snagging and whatโ€™s not included?

The best way to find out is to ask for a detailed quote or schedule of works โ€“ detailing everything room by room, what the builder will and wonโ€™t do. So you can go back to this when signing off the final development. This allows you to both โ€œnot to argue the tossโ€ and either destroy your relationship or one of you feeling unsatisfied.

When we also visit a property for remote landlords, we do a video walk-through to show landlords what is required. Itโ€™s sometimes hard to conceive the level of work without seeing it first.

Anyway, I thought Iโ€™d show you a video below of a property we took over, from cowboys โ€“ who left a landlord in a right mess. Itโ€™s not nice having a property left half-finished, since builders donโ€™t generally like taking over another personโ€™s project.

  • They donโ€™t know if itโ€™s you being awkward, and will be so again?
  • Also, itโ€™s a total nightmare dealing with bodgeโ€™s after bodgeโ€™s

So definitely try and get reviews, weโ€™re on โ€œMy Builderโ€ where you can find a builder and also see reviews, which are incredibly useful:

My builder

See the video below of a recent job we had to sort out โ€“ what a nightmare!

So remember to ask for a full quote with as much detail as possible, if youโ€™re remote a video detailing the work would be helpful and finally the most important bit โ€“ make sure you check off the property against the final quote so youโ€™re getting what you paid for!


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