The government last week released its long-awaited Rental Reform White Paper, which sets out some major changes to the rental industry. I thought I’d...

The government last week released its long-awaited Rental Reform White Paper, which sets out some major changes to the rental industry.

I thought I’d share with you the major plans announced and our thoughts on these:

  • Abolishing Section 21 evictions – which allow landlords to terminate tenancies without any given reason. Our thoughts: The majority of reasons we see landlords looking to gain possession of their property relates to either rental arrears or the landlord looking to sell, therefore we don’t this as a major change.
  • Applying a Decent Homes Standard to rental properties means homes must be free from serious health and safety hazards, and landlords must keep homes in a good state of repair. Our thoughts: This looks like a strengthening of the current laws around a property being fit for habitation. In over 15 years of being a landlord and agent we’ve had a handful of times a local council has been involved in the condition of a property, hopefully, this will only affect rogue landlords.
  • Introducing a housing ombudsman covering landlords and providing redress for tenants to resolve disputes. Our thoughts: This is potentially to move some issues out of the court system and save money for all parties.
  • Introducing a Property Portal to help landlords understand their obligations. Our thoughts: This can only be positive for the wider sector but as a letting agent hopefully we keep you updated anyway!

Other measures include:

  • Bans on not renting to families with children or on benefits – we’ve never done this, so won’t affect us.
  • Tenants to be repaid rent for houses below the decent homes standard – again we’d hope to never have a circumstance where this occurs.
  • Giving tenants the right to request a pet – the landlord must consider it and cannot unreasonably refuse – again this is something we currently do.
  • All tenants are to be moved onto periodic tenancies, meaning they can leave poor quality housing without remaining liable for the rent or move more easily when circumstances change. A tenancy will only end if a tenant ends or a landlord has a valid reason, as defined in law – Normally we sign people onto a 12-month tenancy and then allow it to become periodic, we very rarely have tenants asking to leave early.
  • Doubling of notice periods for rent increases and giving tenants stronger powers to challenge them if unjustified. – All our rental increases are justified through rental comparables and tenants are always given the correct notice.
  • Giving councils stronger powers to tackle the worst offenders and increasing fines – this hopefully won’t affect any of our landlords!

At the moment the government is consulting on all these matters but we thought we’d give you a heads up on the potential changes in the property sector over the next few years.

Sorry about the overload of information but it’s our job to PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY!!

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