What's the worst thing that can happen to your property?

The single worst thing which can happen to any property is putting bad tenants in -ย FACT!

This landlord was left with his property in a mess at the start of a void period and was understandably overwhelmed with where to start.

Luckily, this is not Chris' first rodeo, so to speak, and he is able to walk into a property like this and systematically work through each phase of the refurbishment and see the end potential.

By being a specialised lettings/refurbishment company, we know precisely what level of work is required to let a property.

Each development comes with a unique set of challenges. In this example, the first step is to clear out the property and then go through our 816 point checklist to ensure we pick up on all the details that a new tenant will spot. For example:

โœ”๏ธDoors and windows not shutting all the way

โœ”๏ธLeaks under the sink

โœ”๏ธBroken drawers, cracked toilet seats, lights not working, etc.

These are not always obvious, and general builders might miss them.

Sadly, many landlords are left in this position at the end of a tenancy and, like we always say prevention is the best solution; making sure you're thoroughly vetting your tenants makes this less likely.

However, in the event you are faced with a situation like this, DON'T PANIC.

Work through it systematically and you can always call on us for some help and advice!

See the mess that Chris has walked into and how he is going to fix it for our landlord


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