Why you should be doing home visits.ย  At NGU Homelettings we strongly recommend using home visits as a tool to ensure you are getting...

Why you should be doing home visits.

At NGU Homelettings we strongly recommend using home visits as a tool to ensure you are getting to know any potential tenants before you sign them off to move in.

Firstly, we should ask ourselves, what makes a great tenant?

Someone who keeps on top of cleaning, tidying and maintaining your property while paying your rent on time (& hopefully stays for a long time!).

Of course, using references and rental history can give you some indication of this but there is nothing quite like meeting someone in person to get the best feel for who they are and how they are likely to look after your property.

The benefits of this are not only that you can gauge their living habits, but it is also a fantastic way to start off a positive tenant-landlord relationship.

We all know how easy it is to make judgments and assumptions about someone we have only ever spoken to over email or telephone โ€“ and that works both ways.

Meeting up in person allows your tenant to build a know, like, and trust relationship with you from the get-go which in turn, makes it harder for them to cause issues throughout their tenancy; a tenant who has personally met their landlord and had a positive encounter is far more likely to have open communication with you should any issues arise.

We aim to do this for all of our new tenants and definitely recommend you do the same.

See our Property Manager, Molly, quickly breaking down why we use this technique ourselves.


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