Every journey begins with the first stepโ€ฆ Usually, the start of renting a property begins with finding tenants and showing them around.ย  You might...

Every journey begins with the first stepโ€ฆ

Usually, the start of renting a property begins with finding tenants and showing them around. You might think this is easy, you open the door, let them in and before you know it they say yes and youโ€™ve agreed a tenancy.

Life isnโ€™t always that easy, have you ever had a property that is sticking and youโ€™re struggling to find a reason. The number one thing a letting agent will say is to drop the price and in all honesty thatโ€™s the easiest way to generate more interest. The lower the price the higher the demand. There are other things you could look at:

  1. Does your property smell or look depressing? When presenting a property we like to get there nice and early, have all the lights on to make it looks as presentable as possible, spray it throughout with air freshener and open all the windows to let fresh air in. This will remove any odours and make it feel as homely as possible.
  2. Are the carpets messy / is the first thing a tenant sees old post? Before any viewing, we remove all old post, put some matting down to wipe feet on and provide plastic shoe covers to stop dirt from being trialled through the house. Do you make sure your property stays presentable?
  3. Set an agenda โ€“ We always know the top 3 selling points of a property and will answer any questions in the โ€œFerrariโ€ room, the nicest room in the house. Our questions are always open (why, what, where, when etc.) which allows us to discuss the benefits while understanding the tenantsโ€™ needs.
  4. Transparency โ€“ Be transparent about any issues, donโ€™t hide from defects and explain when theyโ€™ll be fixed.
  5. Use a Time Bomb โ€“ if you have other tenants waiting to let โ€“ be honest, let them know the level of interest and that they have to act quickly since thereโ€™s strong demand.
  6. Shy bairns get nowt โ€“ donโ€™t be afraid to ask for the business. Ask the tenants if and when they want to move in, discuss how happy theyโ€™d be living there. Itโ€™s the best way to let your property quickly and get good tenants!

Chris, our senior property manager discussed these points in the video below โ€“ let me know if you found it interesting?

Talking of shy bairns โ€“ if you want to move your property to us, where the first thing we wonโ€™t discuss is price. GIVE US A CALL!

Remember โ€“ Itโ€™s our job to maximise your wealth from property.

For any sales, lettings or refurb help:

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  • Weโ€™ll contact your tenant to resolve any rent, maintenance or refurbishment issues you have, arranging a property visit if required.
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