Do you like to have your cake and eat it? When refurbing property I think youโ€™re looking for two things: Creating something that WOWโ€™s...

Do you like to have your cake and eat it?

When refurbing property I think youโ€™re looking for two things:

  1. Creating something that WOWโ€™s your customers (your tenants) so you can charge more and have a wider choice of tenants to choose from.
  2. Making sure the money you spend lasts, so you donโ€™t have to do it again!

If that refurb was a cake what would it be? Iโ€™d hope it would be ever so sweet and tastes incredible!

Thatโ€™s what we try to do on every refurb. Weโ€™re always looking for simple things to create WOW moments:

  1. Make wood cladding on-trend with Regal greenโ€™s
  2. Your bathroom is one of the biggest selling points โ€“ marble effect tiles will blow your tenants away!
  3. Carpets โ€“ Noble heathers donโ€™t cost the earth and will last longer

On the other side of that coin, you need to think about how your tenants will use your property and what you can do to minimise damage / wear and tear:

  1. Hard tread matting at the front door โ€“ to stop your carpets from being wrecked by encouraging tenants to wipe their feet
  2. The dining room laminated rather than carpeted to prevent staining
  3. Doorstops โ€“ wherever thereโ€™s an external door you need a doorstop to protect your walls

Chris, one of our directors did a video covering all of these points on a recent refurb:

You know what though we donโ€™t do this for the benefit of our health, we do it to make more money for you.

The property we did this refurb on went from ยฃ425 rent to ยฃ695, some of that was due to the market moving higher, but as you can see the finish was amazing meaning we could charge a lot more!

So my question is โ€“ do you want your cake and eat it?

If so give us a bell!

For any sales, lettings or refurb help:

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