According to Rightmove rental prices in the North-East are up 3.6% on the quarter and 6.7% on the year. Weโ€™re definitely seeing this ourselves,...

According to Rightmove rental prices in the North-East are up 3.6% on the quarter and 6.7% on the year.

Weโ€™re definitely seeing this ourselves, where on new lets rental prices are increasing between 5% & 10%, but will this continue?

As Iโ€™ve mentioned before thereโ€™s still plenty of money floating around the UK, ยฃ150 billion of excess savings, saved during the lockdowns, inflation is running at 4%+ and the minimum wage is due to go up by 7% in 2022. This is all pointing towards a strong rental market next year as well as a strong property market. House prices are expected to moderate next year, from 10% to 6% but with some of the momentum gained this year I wouldnโ€™t bet against the North-East beating the UK and averaging around 8%.

Everything is pointing in the right direction for another bumper year for landlords. The only thing on the horizon is interest rate rises, which are a racing certainty to increase next year โ€“ so if youโ€™re outside of your current deal or itโ€™s coming to an end let us know.

We have a mortgage broker ready to help , so let us know and Iโ€™m sure we can help.

The extent of interest rate rises is unknown but I think inflation will run far in excess of interest rates for the foreseeable future. We could easily see 5%+ inflation with interest rates below 1%.

The question is with all these things in your favour, how do you make sure you have a bumper year?

Nice Houses = Nice Tenants = Very very nice rents!

We recently re-let a property weโ€™d lightly refurbished 18 months ago in Chester-Le-Street, the rent had gone up from a toppy ยฃ495 to ยฃ525 in that time for a mid-terrace house. The house came back in beautiful condition and let first time. These are some of the features which helped us to achieve this:

  • Off white grey walls, grey doors and carpet โ€“ to hide the dirt and make it WOW!
  • Commercial vinyl in the kitchen which didnโ€™t rip when moving all the white goods โ€“ fridge, freezer and washing machine.
  • Feature walls in the bedrooms to boutique it!

As you can see below the property looked amazing even after 18 months of use:

I hope you were impressed, itโ€™s our job to make sure your refurb lasts more than one tenancy!

For any sales, lettings or refurb help:

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  • Weโ€™ll contact your tenant to resolve any rent, maintenance or refurbishment issues you have, arranging a property visit if required.
  • Weโ€™ll begin the process of maximising your income and wealth.