How to make sure you're protected and avoid unnecessary disputes...

As you know, the end of tenancy deposit negotiations can be a tricky subject to navigate and if you're not prepared, it can come down to a 'he said, she said' type of conflict which leaves both parties vulnerable to unnecessary losses and in a state of limbo when things are taken out of your hands.

You do not want this to happen to you.

In order to help you improve negotiations around this issue, we have listed our top tips below to ensure you do not come into any difficult disputes that could have been avoided.

Some things to put in place pre-tenancy are:

โ€ข Establishing clear expectations from the start of the tenancy.

โ€ข A good quality inventory with photos and supplementary comments.

โ€ข Proof that the tenant has received and signed the inventory.

โ€ข Ensuring that the tenant is aware of their responsibilities from the start.

โ€ข Proof of pre-tenancy cleaning and grading cleanliness with a glossary of terms rather than just 'clean' try 'cleaned to a professional standard' for example.

As well as this you will need to make sure the following are done during the tenancy:

โ€ข Document any damages or repairs that need to be done.

โ€ข Keep evidence of all communications between yourself and the tenant- always ask for key information in writing.

โ€ข Keeping evidence of any deductions.

โ€ข Annual and Bi-Annual inspections throughout the tenancy with a supplementary report that includes photos and comments.

โ€ข Pre-check-out report that lists items the tenant needs to address ahead of the end of tenancy.

By following these tips, you can ensure that the end of the tenancy process is as smooth as possible and if the tenant does dispute any charges, you are as prepared as possible to provide the evidence needed.

We hope that this advice helps you to successfully negotiate end-of-tenancy queries and that if you're having a difficult time with your tenant, please do get in touch; we are more than happy to help and provide you with our advice and expertise.