You ever thought, that itโ€™s hard being a landlord? If you tried saying that to your friends, theyโ€™d laugh.ย  House prices keep going up,...

You ever thought, that itโ€™s hard being a landlord?

If you tried saying that to your friends, theyโ€™d laugh. House prices keep going up, tenantโ€™s put money in your bank once a month โ€“ whatโ€™s the problem?

Well itโ€™s not always as smooth as you think, weโ€™ve got loads of lovely properties under management and even more absolutely great tenants.

But sometimes we take over a problem property, needing a refurb, and itโ€™s our job to get some real value from our tradesman. Understanding a property, the demographics of the tenant and the area, is key to the type of refurb you do.

A general builder will just suggest what you need to do to make the property โ€œniceโ€ whereas a specialist lettings / refurb company knows what you need to do to get it rented. Thereโ€™s a massive a difference from the colour / quality of carpets you use, the decor, type of kitchen and bathroom etc.

Weโ€™ve definitely got a โ€œNGUโ€ style which is often grey carpets and walls, a feature wall to make it stand out, mid-range kitchen and bathroom with tiling / plastic cladding to protect the wet areas.

This is all about getting longevity from the refurb โ€“ why pay twice when you can only pay once?

We did this recent refurb in under 3 weeks for ONLY ยฃ6.7k โ€“ plastering, handyman & materials, painting, vinyl & carpets plus a clean.

Itโ€™d been previously wrecked by some drug dealers, the area isnโ€™t the best, and it was our job to turn it around within the landlords budget.

I hope you think we did a decent refurb see below ๐Ÿ‘‡

As you can see itโ€™s our job to find you cost effective solutions!

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